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The finest in Taos Outdoor ECO-RECREATION. LLama trekking day hikes and llama packing treks for  wilderness adventurers, hikers, backpackers & families with small children.
All ages are welcome... we have llamas trained to carry kids too small to hike.
New Mexico's premier outfitter welcomes you!

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Welcome to ElPaseoLLama.Com, El Paseo LLama Online.  El Paseo LLama Expeditions offers llama trekking outdoor eco-recreation adventures that are fun, exciting, healthful and environmentally friendly in the uncrowded and pristine mountain wilderness of the Sangre de Christo Mountains and in the Wild Rivers Recreation Area of Northern New Mexico. These mountains, the Southern Rockies, and the Rio Grande Gorge, a Wild and Scenic River, are the outdoor playgrounds of Taos, Red River, Angel Fire and Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 

Llama trekking is hiking and camping in the wilderness with a furry four legged buddy to carry your gear & your kids, alert you to the presence of wild life, eat from your hand and keep you company. So while this agreeable and reliable llama creature walks along behind you, your attention can be focused on the scenery, vistas, flowers, the wonder and the excitement of nature at its unspoiled best.

Llama trekking with El Paseo LLama Expeditions adds to your enjoyment of llama trekking because we offer custom hiking treks and pack trips. Custom treks means we suit your schedule and the groups are small. If you have small kids, we’ve got llamas trained to carry them. If you want all adult company, no problem, that’s possible also. And we serve Gourmet food…yum.  Knowledgeable guides with vast experience in the mountains will show you the flora and fauna and explain the local ecology and the geological features. Pristine hidden trails and meadows that very few people get to see await you.

El Paseo Llama expeditions offers day hikes and multi-day llama packing treks:

There is our ½ day llama fun hike which is easy and includes our famous gourmet picnic lunch. A picnic in a scenic mountain meadow while the llamas graze on the grass nearby…Great!   You don’t have to carry the little ones either. Our fun hikes take place on one of the following trails (in season): Devisadero, Mondragon Canyon, Elliot Barker or Columbine Canyon. See the Trail Descriptions for details.

If you’re a seasoned hiker wanting more challenge and adventure, there are our custom ½ day and all-day hikes. We have a wide range of  trails available and we will work with you to make a custom trek that will suit you to a “T”. Trail descriptions we offer. The llamas are our trail buddies and carry the heavy stuff.

How about a custom multi-day camping llama pack trek?  We make them in all levels to make sure your trek is a memorable good time adventure. Our family adventures provide both the kids and the adults with a great time. Our adult adventures are geared to the group's abilities and desires and could take you to the furthest corners of the wilderness. Soft air mattresses and three season tents will keep you sheltered and comfortable. Trek descriptions we have.

My name is Andrew and I spend most of my summer trekking and camping in the mountains. As the head guide, cook and bottle washer, and with 35 years of experience in these mountains, I will take you to our exciting pristine wilderness wonders. Our llamas are the best because they are professionally trained, experienced, people friendly and love to carry kids.

This web site will tell you everything about llama trekking in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and the great offerings from El Paseo LLama Expeditions.

LLama trekking is well suited to many people.
Here is a list of some that find it the best thing going since sliced bread:

  • Hikers looking for that perfect trail to hike in the Taos, Red River, Angel Fire area. We know all the trails...even the ones that have slipped off the maps and are not in the guide books. We will show you that perfect trail. Just tell us what you want and we'll take you there.
  • Backpackers ready to move up to the that deluxe dream trek where the pack is light and the food is great and the sleeping pad is thick. You work hard all year! Don't carry that heavy pack another inch. Llamas love to carry kidding.

  • Families with small children... Haven't been hiking on a wilderness adventure since before little Bobby was born? We have trained llamas  to carry children too young to hike because El Paseo LLama wants your children to love the outdoors as much as you do. A wonderful family vacation.
    Little kids can ride!

  • Eco-tourists. There is no finer way to experience all the natural beauty and wonder of the southern Rockies than on a llama trek with a knowledgeable guide. Hiking with a llama is the least intrusive way to enter the forests and mountains allowing us to view undisturbed nature and leave it that way... leave-no-trace!!

  • Fitness enthusiasts. Are you a walker, do you work out? Llama trekking will allow you to indulge your passion in the wild, i.e., away from the track or path you use all year. A vacation experience that is healthy for your spirit and your body.
  • Adventurers who want to get away into the mountains but don't have the gear or the experience. We provide all the necessary gear with llamas to carry it and 35 years of experience in these mountains. In the past seventeen seasons, we have taken 1476 hikes and expeditions...that's experience!
    El Paseo LLama Expeditions will take you to pristine campsites away from the crowds. In 35 years, we have found trails no longer on the maps and wonderful campsites that only the old timers remember...that's experience!
  • Adventurers wanting a wilderness adventure with the level of comfort that pack animals can bring, e.g., full length Thermorest mattresses, spacious 3-season tents, gourmet food, that extra sweater, real mugs, bowls and cutlery ( no sierra cups here) and did I mention gourmet food?
  • Adventurers who are environmentalists or conservationists and don't want to spoil nature. El Paseo LLama Expeditions always practices the "leave no trace" approach and llamas with their padded feet leave no more sign of their passing then the family dog. Our campsites are pristine because you cannot tell we camped there before.
  • Nature lovers, wildflower enthusiasts, bird watchers, animal lovers, and llama lovers. We usually see wildlife such as Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep & Eagles as well as numerous smaller creatures on our expeditions. Llamas attract Elk!
  • Adventure lovers looking for that new experience. Been there? Done that? Try llama trekking for a change of pace.
  • Learn to Llama Trek with hands on experience.   We will "show & tell" you how it's done.

Important facts about El Paseo LLama Expeditions:

El Paseo LLama gives you all the information up front.   No small print or unwelcome surprises because this web site has been designed to inform you.  Check it out. Here you will find  everything you need to know to plan and prepare for your trekking adventure.


El Paseo LLama's season:

2 to 3 Day Expeditions operate from April to mid November.
4 to 5 Day Expeditions operate from June to mid October.

Starting the season in the lower mountains and the Rio Grande Gorge, we then move the expeditions into the higher mountains as the snow melts. The timing for this varies but is usually some time in June. We know where the snow lasts and can plan expeditions to avoid lingering snow. In the Fall, we work our way back down as the season advances. Expeditions

½ Day and Full Day hikes are offered year round
and in the Winter are taken on a trail in the lower mountains or the Rio Grande Gorge. Dayhikes  

El Paseo LLama Expeditions provides all the necessary equipment for your hike or expedition.
We supply the llamas and all their gear. We include sturdy three season tents and comfortable sleeping pads as well as all the food and water and all the kitchen and camping gear. All you need to bring is an adventuring spirit, and personal items: clothing, rain gear, toiletries, sleeping bag (we have warm bags for a small fee if you don't have one) and a day pack to carry your camera, film, snacks, water bottle and other small items. Click on the links to find more details on the clothing to bring and the gear we provide.

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